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Ceo Message

TheRightTurn Organization was established with the dream of providing communities around the globe with access to the quality of education and immigration services in Ukraine that could match the best anywhere in the world.

Empowering the students with quality education in a wider horizon is the mission we embrace at TheRightTurn.

I am immensely proud to have been part of this project from the very beginning. I am even prouder of our staff, whose dedication and professionalism has enabled us to consistently maintain our reputation for excellence and to confirm our position as one of the most trustworthy Educational & Immigration services for Ukraine in Europe, Asia, Africa & Middle East.

The world is shrinking with every passing day. Technology and human curiosity have converted the world into one grand global village. Everything in this day and age is interconnected. Education is no exception. An international qualification enables a student with vital skill sets so as to compete effectively in today’s global market.

Keeping this in mind, we work at improving awareness on courses, colleges, destination countries, visa formalities, and immigration procedures for studying in Ukraine. We also provide three sixty degree support for the above and assure strong support on foreign shores for students and professionals.

I personally stand behind each of our student commitment and engagement. We are firmly committed to our clients’ success, as we understand that our success will naturally follow with our outstanding team, we continue to deliver on our promises and that has contributed to maintaining and ensuring our success through the years.

We thank our prestigious students who are responsible for our success and we ensure to grow with them for many more years to come.

We also invite you to be a part of our success and growth.

Warm Regards,

Engr. Muhammad Shehroze Yaqoob

Founder & CEO TheRightTurn