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International European University, Kyiv

International European University, Kyiv


The International European University! It is Europe’s most up-to-date multidisciplinary university. An entirely new approach to student education has been implemented at the International European University. The educational process is structured around European curricula, a large collection of pages of text has been amassed, subscriptions to hundreds of international technical periodicals have been established, and a strong electronic library has been instituted, and also the access to some of the world’s most prestigious libraries.


The “Regulations on the Organization of the Educational Process at the International European University” is a document that governs how the International European University organizes and implements its educational process.


The training is led by seasoned teachers who have a fresh perspective on higher education and are ready to teach and prepare a new generation of practitioners who are proficient in modern methods and tools of practice, as well as fluent in technical English vocabulary.


The educational process is a creative and analytical endeavor in the field of higher education and science that is carried out at International European University through a system of scientific, methodological, and pedagogical practices with the aim of transition, mastery, and multiplication and other skills of the students, as well as the development of a well-balanced personality. The educational process is based on scientific values, humanism, equality, continuity, and freedom from political, public, and religious organizations.


The University’s educational activities are aimed at creating conditions for a person’s personal growth and innovative self-realization, as well as the formation of national and universal values. ensuring that all young people have fair access to high-quality education; preparing young people for urban life and work.


The educational qualification levels “junior specialist,” “junior bachelor,” “specialist,” “master,” and “doctor of philosophy” are used to train specialists at the University in a step-by-step or continuous manner, depending on the level of accreditation.


The International European University is focusing on educational democratization and the advancement and application of emerging technologies in education. The educational process and the promotion of lifelong learning are also important considerations. They are also taking account of European social life for students and individual studying and working there.


Educational, educational, and science institutes, complexes, training and development divisions of professional training, laboratories, training centers, and other specialized complexes are being established in accordance with current legislation to carry out the educational process, according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University.