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MBBS in Ukraine: Fee for Pakistan Students

Ukraine is ranked fourth in Europe for having the highest number of postgraduates in the medical area. There are a number of top government medical universities in Ukraine that offer MBBS, MD, and other medical degrees to both local and international students. The world’s major organizations, such as WHO and UNESCO, have certified all of Ukraine’s medical universities. International students can study Engineering, Civil Aviation, Arts, Music, International Law, MBA, Business & Management, and other disciplines in Ukraine.

Ukraine is gaining a lot of popularity among international students who desire to study medicine in a foreign country. Many world-class government medical universities exist in Ukraine, offering MBBS, MD, and other medical degrees for a very low and inexpensive cost. Students who get their MBBS or another medical degree from a Ukrainian medical university are entitled to pursue further education and work in any region of the world.

In Ukraine, an MBBS curriculum takes roughly six years to finish, including internship. The first three years are theoretical, with around 15-20% of lessons involving hospital visits. The final three years include extensive practical training as well as frequent hospital visits. For Pakistani students, the ideal balance of theoretical and practical training is the right prescription for success. To be admitted to a medical university in Ukraine, international students do not need to pass any entrance exams. So, Pakistani students can get enrolled in Ukrainian medical schools without taking an entrance exam. As a result, Ukraine has made it relatively simple for prospective students to realize their ambitions of becoming successful doctors.

Average Fee for MBBS in Ukraine:

The majority of medical universities in Ukraine provide MBBS program at a low cost. International students can simply pay their tuition, housing, and mess costs, among other expenses.

The average fees for MBBS in Ukraine is 4800 USD to 5000 USD per year. In some universities students have to pay the tuition fee on yearly basis. However, there are some universities in which student can pay the university fee semester wise which ultimately release the burden of student and it’s also an easy way to pay the university expenses. The university fee per semester for MBBS in Ukraine is around 2200 USD to 2500 USD. The medium of instruction of MBBS/MD in Ukraine in English.

Average Fee for Non-Medical Programs in Ukraine:

In Ukraine, one can study a variety of non-medical degrees and achieve their aspirations. The non-medical programs include the Engineering programs, Business & Management programs, Computer Science & IT (Information Technology) programs, Law, Arts & Humanities, etc.

The fee structure varies for these non-medical programs because each one has its own specifications. The Average Fee for Engineering, Computer Science, IT and Arts programs is from 2500 USD to 3000 USD per year. Some universities also have method of payment semester wise which make the fee around 1250 USD to 1500 USD per semester. The medium of instruction of education in Ukraine in English.

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