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ukraine languge course

Study Language Course In Ukraine:

Although English language is a global course of correspondence yet the locals try not to get familiar with another language. It is better to become familiar with the mother language of the nation you’re remaining in. Ukraine is offering the language course, which is practical, achievable and reasonable.The term of the course is one year. You’ll have the option to speak with local people before the finish of this course. Very nearly 15000 understudies got tried out language course , roughly 700 of them are Pakistani.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student must hold 50 % marks in Matriculation/Intermediate.
  • No Admission Test.No IELTS/TOEFL required
  • Student must be a minimum of 17 and a max of 38 years of age at the time of admission.

Why you need to learn a Ukrainian Language?

Language is a fundamental piece of human association. It permits us to share our thoughts, contemplations, and sentiments with others. Whenever you pay a visit abroad, where alternate language is used as a medium of communication, then it would be difficult for you to ask for basic amenities.Regardless of what is the goal of venturing out to whatever other country where an alternate language is spoken if explorer knows their language than it turns out to be simple for him/her to move around. In each country there are language courses are instructed and regardless of whether you need to leave that country after at some point it never goes waste to be acquainted with their language. This would help in receiving a residency just as a great job there.

How to apply for study Visa from Pakistan?

You can apply for a study visa from Pakistan , following these steps given below:

  1. Go to the website ‘’.
  2.  Read the instructions carefully and go to ‘Apply for visa’.
  3.  Identify the visa Type.
  4.  Begin your Application (Complete it carefully. Get a print of the completed form, and bring it to the visa application centre.
  5. Book an Appointment.
  6.  Pay your Application fee.
  7.  V i s i t a V i s a A p p l i c a t i o n C e n t r e ( Lo c a t e d I n I s l a m a b a d , L a h o r e & K a r a c h i )
  8.  Track your Application (You’ll be notified via email, when your decision has been returned to the visa application centre. You can likewise follow your visa application status online on the website. Utilise the Reference Number present on the receipt/receipt gave by the Visa Application Centre alongside your last name to get to this help)
  9.  Collect your Passport

NOTE: WE ARE OFFERING 100% GUARANTEED STUDENT VISAS FROM PAKISTAN. In order to avail this opportunity, Students should contact us before applying for the study Invitation

Prepare the following documents before applying.

  1.  Original Invitation letter
  2. Original International passport
  3.  Higher Secondary School certificate (Attested from Foreign Office)
  4. Birth Certificate (Attested from Foreign Office e.g MOFA)
  5.  Medical fitness Certificate indicating absence of HIV/AIDS mainly (Attested from a M.S. and Foreign office)
  6.  8 Passport size Photographs
  7. B a n k S t a t e m e n t a l o n g w i t h A f f i d a v i t ( a c c o u n t m u s t b e 6 m o n t h s o l d )
  8. Police Clearance Certificate (Attested from Foreign Office e.g MOFA)
  9.  Ticket Reservation10. Travel Health and COVID-19 Insurance

Advantages of studying Language Course in Ukraine:

  • Cost effective
  • Highly Qualified staff
  • 15 students per class
  • No advance payments (fee to be paid upon arrival)
  • Effective learning methodology
  • Living expenses are affordable
  • Chances for settlement
  • 100 % visa guaranteed
  • High job opportunities

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